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Swagbucks is a search engine very similar to and powered by Google.

The difference is you get points occasionally just for searching. You get 30sb for signing up and can begin earning right away. You should get anywhere from 7-15 sb when you win on a search, but could be much more.

**Other ways to earn –

Referrals – if someone uses your referral link to sign up, you get their first 1000 SEARCH points matched. Get a few friends on board under you and watch your Swagbucks account explode!

Swagcodes – A swagcode is a secret code that may be hidden on the Swagbucks Blog, on their Facebook page or on Twitter. Codes must be exact and have no spaces on either end, so it’s best to copy and paste whenever possible. The codes will be a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. For example: HAppYh01iDay5 might be a code that they put on Facebook with a note “Enter this until 530pm CST for 8SB”. That means that the code HAppYh01iDay5 is good to enter until 5:30pm CST and you will receive 8 Swagbucks for doing so. Swagcodes have very short lifespans and sometimes change during. You may need to refresh and copy the new code from time to time.

Having the Swagbucks toolbar gets you 1 each day. Then you can use the toolbar to search for FACEBOOK, AMAZON, etc. instead of using your address bar.

Find out if there is a code on my Swidget. You cannot post the codes to the public, but can help with hints.

Why do I want Swagbucks? 450 SBs = $5 Amazon or many other prizes.

Once you have 450 Swagbucks and are ready to buy your gift card, go to Swagstore and purchase gift card. You will receive an email with a verification link. Then on 16th and 30th or so, you get an email that gift card is delivered. Go to your account  – Gift cards – and copy the code then paste into Amazon. Your credit is instantly available in your Amazon account. (There are MANY other prizes, but this is my favorite! You can get gift cards to CVS, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Home Depot, iTunes, JCPenney, Steak and Shake, Macy’s and many, many more! Or, just a Paypal Credit!)

Refer your friends. Brag about your deals. Post your winnings on FB so that people will ask what it is. Then, send them a referral. Post your referral link on FB when you get your gift card. Everyone likes free stuff and is more likely to join once they know that you have won.

Just a couple of  months ago, they changed the rules to allowe muliple accounts in a household. So, refer your spouse, your kids, anyone that searches a lot!

Here are some things that I have gotten on Amazon via Swagbucks giftcards = TOTALLY FREE!

Volatile Sandals (Paid $23.99 with gift card, next day, they were $65.99)

Epic Mickey for the Wii (19.99 on Amazon, $39.99 in Wal-Mart)

Fleur de Lis rainboots ($19.99 + s/h)

$50 Otterbox (Was $12.99 on Amazon)

$120 Photo editing software (Was $25 on Amazon)

Cases of cereal, More Diapers than I can count!

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