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What is EBATES? Ebates - Where it pays to shop! EBATES is an online shopping site that provides rebates to many, if not all of your online purchases. How it works: When you log onto EBATES, there is a list of hundreds, if not thousands of websites. They have everything from Walmart to small sites that you may have never heard of. Travel, clothing, eBay, Shutterfly….literally thousands!

You click on their link to whatever site you want to shop on and you will see what % you will receive back. Once you click on “SHOP NOW”, the new site opens and EBATES goes away after showing you a tracking ticket. Then, you proceed through checkout just as normal. The difference is that EBATES keeps track of your online spending and gives you that designated percentage back. Some tips and FYI about EBATES.

Get in the habit of checking there first before buying online. If you are checking prices between different sites, check all of those sites’ cash back rate, too. Then, once you determine what is the best price, go through EBATES for the actual purchase. Search all stores (on left – top) – Alphabet for narrowing search. **You must have $5.01 in actual rebate money before your quarterly Big Fat Check is released. Rebate money as opposed to referral money.

When you sign up, you will choose a $10 gift card. Once you have made a $25 purchase, you will receive that gift card!

Referrals – $5 referral credit is added to your account once they purchase. Referral bonus – There is always a referral bonus going on for example –If you refer a friend who qualifies (meaning they sign up through your link and make a $25 purchase), you will get $20 instead of $5! For the 2nd, you will get $25 and $30 for the 3rd! That’s a total of $75 just for sharing this money saving tip with your friends!  **this was a past offer and may or may not be active at this time**Ebates Referrals

So, with the gift card and the $75 bonus, you could grab $85 on top of your cash back just for being nice!! It takes a few days for your purchases to post, but they should be there within a week. They actually ask you to give it a month. Keep track of what you should be getting in case it doesn’t show up. You can submit for a refund if they miss one, but you have to have the tracking ticket #, your receipt and all of the dates and times have to match up. You should be able to find all of this info in your account history and you can find your tracking tickets stored on EBATES.

PayPal is quicker to get paid, but if you prefer, they can send you a paper check. They refer to this as your Big Fat Check. It takes a while to get your money, but once you get started, it is pretty regular.  The monies are accumulated and processed quarterly.

So, rebates and bonuses that I earn in January, February and March will be processed beginning April 1 and the new rebates start accruing. I will not get my Jan, Feb, Mar money until about 6 weeks after closing, or Mid-May.   Don’t be discouraged, it will come.  AS LONG AS YOU HAVE $5.01 in REBATE money, regardless of how many referral bonuses you have.

They will all roll over to the next quarter if you don’t have the $5.01. Consider ordering your big ticket items, i.e. appliances, expensive toys, etc. from the stores websites by way of EBATES.  If you can get free site to store shipping, this is a good way to save an extra $20 to $30. I have done this with motherboards for my refrigerator and oven as well as a power wheels toy and my new LG washing machine!

**I currently have reeived over $3300.00 in cash back through Ebates since 2007.  But, being in the situation that we have been for the past few years, I haven’t shopped much.  a large majority of this was referral bonuses, meaning pure profit, no rebates.  This is not a scam. It is completely legitimate and if you shop online, it is just Free money back that you would have spent otherwise. Check it out here and start piling up those rebates!

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