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Add 5 points to your DMR account with this code LKFJDAL838O (Added 1/9/12) and try this one from previous post to see if it still works: HSIU87FJ457! Also, see previous posts below for possible other points.

If you saw Cars2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates IMAX, PROM, or DisneyNature: African Cats, you can get up to 200 points added to your account. Here is how:

Go to your DMR account and click on the REDEEM MOVIE TICKETS link just under your point balance on the right side. Then, select your movie and you will be given a numerical code. You write this code clearly in black or blue ink on each of up to 4 ticket stubs for these movies. Take a picture that shows the movie title and written number clearly. Then, upload the picture of all of your stubs. In about a week, you will see the points added to your account!

Here is my picture. My code has already been used and is connected with my DMR account, so you have to get your own code to get the credit.

If you are not familiar with Disney Movie Rewards, click here to read how you can get more out of your movies. Then, read below to possible add more points to your account with the codes and promotions listed.


I just added 25 points to my DMR account with the code face200. Addtionally, I was able to view the latest newsletter while I was logged in and got 5 points out of it. Click here to read the June newsletter and at the end, there is a star to click on for 5 more points. You have to be logged in to receive the points. Also, if you missed the post last week, the codes below may still be active…….

Enter code believe to get 10 bonus points added to your Disney Movie Rewards account.



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