Coupons 101

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Here is as much info about where to find coupons and basic information on how to use them as I can offer in one sitting!  This was one of the first posts that was published from the blog, so the All You info was for the current issue at that time. It is just an example, but I usually post the new month’s list as soon as I can find it.

All about COUPONS!

Where to find them:

*Sunday paper                                    *Clipping service

*inside packages                                  *backs of receipts

*Facebook                                            *

*                              *

*Email clubs                                         *Junk mail

*text coupons                                       *write the manufacturer

*Rewards cards                                   *Catalinas

*All You magazine

Just as an example of what you can get in All You magazine, here is a list of the coupons included in the February 2011 issue:

Advertiser Coupon Value Expiration Date
All You® Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook  $1.00  4/05/2010
Boca Meatless Products  $1.00 off 2 Packages  3/31/2010
Body Fortress®  $1.00  3/03/2010
Borden® Singles Sensations  $1.00  3/31/2010
Campbell’s® V8® Soups  $1.00 off 2  4/15/2010
Colgate® 360® Toothbrush  $1.00  3/31/2010
Colgate® Wisp®  $1.00  3/31/2010
Cottonelle Fresh® Moist Wipes Tub  $0.50 on any 1  3/31/2010
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper 12-Pack   $1.00 on any 1  3/31/2010
Couples Retreat Special Edition DVD or Blu Ray  $1.00  4/11/2010
DOLE® All Natural Fruit Jars $0.75  4/30/2010
DOLE® Fruit Bowls  $0.75  4/30/2010
Eight O’Clock® Coffee  $0.75  3/15/2010
Ester-C Tablets  $2.00  4/07/2010
Genius Pacifier  $1.00  5/31/2010
Good Earth® Tea  $0.75  3/15/2010
Gorton’s  $0.60  7/31/2010
Hershey’s® Kisses® Brand  $1.00  3/31/2010
Jillian Michaels Natural Whey Protein Powder  $1.00  3/03/2010
MET-Rx® Bars  $1.00  3/03/2010
Milk-Bone® Essentials Plus+™ biscuits or chewy treats  $1.00 on any  7/31/2010
Milk-Bone® Essentials Plus+™ long lasting chew  $1.00 on any  7/31/2010
Nature Made® Vitamin  $1.00  02/28/2010
Neutrogena® Advanced Solutions® complete acne therapy system  $3.00 4/30/2010 
Neutrogena® Cosmetics  $3.00  3/02/2010
New York Frozen Product  $0.50 on any  5/23/2010
N.Y.C. New York Color®  $1.00 off any N.Y.C. New York Color®
Item $1.72 or Higher
Ore-Ida® Frozen Potatoes  Buy 2, Save $1.00  3/31/2010
OVALTINE®  $1.00  5/30/2010
Pepperidge Farm® frozen bread  $0.55  3/31/2010
Polaner Sugar Free Preserves with Fiber  $1.00  3/26/2010
Pure Protein® Bars  $1.00  3/03/2010
Rianxeira Tuna Snacks/Bites  Try 1 For FREE (up to $1.88 value)  4/30/2010
Rogaine®  $5.00 off Any ROGAINE® Product  5/31/2010
Sister Schubert’s  $0.50  3/13/2010
T. Marzetti® Salad Dressing  $1.00  4/30/2010
Taco Bell® Home Originals® Salsa and Salsa Con Queso  $1.00  4/30/2010 
Tetley® Tea  $0.60  3/15/2010
Total  $47.13

FYI & Tips:

*Printables usually print twice per IP address.

*Usually have to download a print program like Bricks.

*Buy more than one paper or ask people to save them for you – you will want more than 1! There are usually no coupons on holiday weekends.

*There is an insert schedule on and on Thursday, they usually list what coupons are in the inserts.

*Know your store’s policy. Print it! Carry it!

 Coupon Matchups

Most blogs have them, some are different than others. Some are regional. Some are specialized or selective. Find your favorites and follow them. For example: if you live on the Northshore, you will want to follow this blog. If you are obsessed with all things Disney, You may also want to follow If you live in the Baton Rouge area, you will be interested in Find a few that you like and follow them. They all share the best deals.

Learn the lingo. Most blogs have a glossary.

Basically –

SS= Smartsource insert

RP= Redplum insert

PG= Proctor & Gamble insert

GM= General Mills insert

MM= MoneyMaker

B1G1 or BOGO= Buy 1 Get 1 Free

ECB= CVS Extra Care Bucks

RR= Wags Register rewards

$/$$= $5 off $25 purchase

$/2= Save $1 WYB 2(wyb when you buy)

Example of how a deal is posted on a blog:

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles — $0.48

Use 50c/1 from 1/2 SS (exp 3/31)
Total: FREE

Reach Floss — $0.97

Use $1 from 1/3/10 (exp 1/31) or $1/1 from 10/10 RP (exp 4/30)
Total: FREE

Make sure you are getting the right product for the coupon. READ THEM WELL!

Try to use your sale papers and do the math at home to avoid issues at the register.

Most all stores that do BOGO sales allow 2 coupons which both go toward the paid item. This is the same principle as stacking a store Q and a manuf Q, just marketed differently. Think of it as the store coupon is 50% off each and you then use a MQ on top of each. Same math, different marketing.  This also applies when you Buy 1 item, get a different item free.

For example, Winn Dixie has a Double Play promo. Maybe “Buy Jiffy peanut butter, get a Welch’s jelly free”. You can use both a Jiffy coupon AND a Welch’s coupons as long as niether coupon excludes the sizes that the promo are including. Both coupon amounts will come off of the Jiffy that you have to buy, or essentially, the grand total of your order.

If you have a MQ BOGO and the store has it on BOGO, then both items are free! If you have 2 MQ BOGO coupons for the same item, they cancel each other out and both items are free!

Most stores that do 10 for $10 do not require you to buy 10 items to get that price. Check with your favorite store for their limitations and exclusions.

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5 Responses to Coupons 101

  1. Susan says:

    I would like to attend a coupon class in the Slidell or Covington area. I’m interested in a daytime class, but could make night work too. Please let me know if you think that you may be scheduling a class soon. Thanks!

  2. Emily Barngrover says:

    i have attended one of your couponing classes in hammond. i remember there you told us how to figure out like on targets website for the coupons of how to right click and figure out if it was a store coupon or mfg. could you please email me back and let me know or post something on here about it please!!!! thank you i would greatly appreciate it!!!!

    • Kari says:

      Hey, Emily – That theory has been debunked since I shared it with you. Every time I have tried since then, the info was not there. I think they caught on and hid it from us.

  3. Elvora says:

    I have been hearing about a select few Winn-Dixie stores (Bogalusa and Columbia, MS are the only 2 I know of) allowing customers to use P&G coupons for items not intended to be used for. (Ex: A coupon for $7 off Crest White Strips can be used on an $8 bottle of Gain washing detergent, leaving the customer to pay only $1 for the bottle of Gain.) I know someone who works at Winn-Dixie and she said the manager made sure that P&G is aware of this and is okay with it. Winn-Dixie in Bogalusa only accepts P&G coupons on Tuesdays and Fridays, and they open 3 registers strictly for P&G shoppers because the lines for them are super long all day. But although Winn-Dixie allows it and the manager says P&G is okay with it, it doesn’t seem legit. How can P&G make any money if they are giving all these products away? Is this legal, or is it coupon fraud?

  4. LaJuanah Wallace says:

    I enjoyed your class very much last night at Hampton Inn. Way too much for me to take it all in but I do have a much better understanding on how coupons work and how to acquire more. Thanks ….LaJuanah

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