Amazon Subscribe and Save…What it is and Why you NEED to try it!

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I have been wanting to write this post for a while and just finally had the chance to sit down and do it. For the past few years, I have been doing Amazon’s Subscribe and Save for items that we use frequently. Subscribe and Save (s&s) is Amazon’s way of making sure you get your frequently used items every month without having to remember to place a new order. On our s&s order, I have kid vitamins and probiotics, my shampoo (set to every other month) and conditioner and the laundry detergent I like. Each month, I change, add or defer certain items that I may not need or need more of. I LOVE the flexibility and Amazon always sends me a reminder about updating my order before it ships out. You can set the day it is delivered and for the MOST part, it is delivered on time (a few items were out of stock so I had to wait a day or two longer than my normal delivery date to get them).

Another cool thing about Subscribe and Save is the save part! If you have 5 subscriptions, you save 5%…anything over 5 and you save 15%! Some items even go up to 20% off! Amazon also frequently adds things to subscribe and save and includes coupons for your first order. If it’s something that I think we would use, I get it and then decide if I am going to keep the subscription, cancel it or defer it.

The last thing that is really cool about Subscribe and Save is that if you have something in your s&s order and it suddenly becomes really hard to come by (TOILET PAPER, WIPES!), you automatically go to the top of the list when it comes back into stock!

I HIGHLY recommend Subscribe and Save for items that you use frequently. To get more info go here! If you have any questions PLEASE ask!

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