No-Contact Key Door Opener Touchless Tool $9.99!

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This is a different world we are living in and one that we have to adapt to. I saw this tool last month and thought it was really neat (and something I would have used PRE-Covid!) The No-Contact Key Door Opener Touchless Tool is $9.99 and you can use it to open doors, or type numbers or codes into a keypad (think ATM or credit card payment spots!) It will ship FREE for EVERYONE!

Here are the details…

A hands-free, contactless tool keychain! Great for completing everyday errands and tasks without making contact. Ideal for opening doors, pushing elevator and ATM buttons, handling items at stores, and avoiding incidental contact in public.


  • Great for Opening Doors
  • Eliminates the Need to Touch Things
  • Great For Pushing Buttons
  • Keeps Your Fingers Clean
  • Silver Hardware
  • Measures 4″ x 2.5″
  • Door Opener
  • Keychain Accessory

Get yours here!

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