Plan Instead of Panic

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Like most of us, I have had Corona on the mind and not the kind that you drink on a beach with a lime. I wanted to write some ideas I have as we muddle through these uncertain times. If you have anything to add, please comment!


They are watching us, they see and can feel our anxiety. So talk about it with them, but be mindful about how and how much…(that’s all the parenting advice I’m giving! LOL!!)

Many school systems have been calling off school for days. I know this seems daunting to a lot of people (HOMESCHOOL MAMAS, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!) I had a friend write and post this article that may give you some ideas on how to keep the kids on schedule and still learning. Maybe now is the time to grab some workbooks or learning activities and games. (If it gets extreme, consider looking into the online free public school that Louisiana has!) We love UNO, Monopoly Deal and Farkle (<— great one for adding practice!!) All of the Pinterest ideas that you have been wanting to try with the kids?! Well get ready to do some!


Many of our readers are 2 income households. I do not have much info or advice about what to do with your specific employers, but if schools are cancelled, many people are going to be in the same boat. Now is the time to get babysitters or family lined up to help if you still need to work. (I assume if schools are closed, so will most day cares.) Get a plan in place now. Maybe working remotely will work for some of you, I hope so!


Get your regular groceries and consider grabbing a few cans or frozen meals to add. DO NOT OVER DO IT! Same goes with the paper towels and toilet paper! Get what you need, don’t overstock! Lastly about this, obviously if you need cleaning supplies, get them, but do not stock pile them because doctors and other essential health care personnel are having a hard time finding what they need.

Elderly and Immune Compromised People

In my opinion, the reason things are being cancelled is to stop the spread. If a whole lot of people become super sick at the same time and go to the hospital the hospitals may become overloaded and not have the capabilities (beds, equipment, rooms) to take care of those in need . So let’s stop it NOW before if spreads like wildfire. If you are elderly or immune compromised OR have someone in your life that fits those criteria, stay out of crowds. Wash your hands, cover you mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze (or do it in to your shirt!) and keep your home, car and work area clean. Get enough rest, stay hydrated and eat healthy to keep your immune system working! (We also LOVE Elderberry! Shout out to Samantha!!)

Lastly, and this is solely my opinion, but TURN OFF THE NEWS! If you want info on what is going on in our state of Louisiana, go to the Louisiana Department of Health .

If you want to get stats or info on the country, go to the Center for Disease Control site.

I’m sure I am missing things, but I wanted to give y’all some idea. I understand it is scary because we don’t know what to expect. Instead of panic, let’s plan and stop the spread so we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives!


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