GREAT deal on Stocking Stuffer for Campers, Hikers and Scouts.

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I follow a page that is written by a lady who lives in the Smokies area. She is on a legit Search and Rescue team and has logged hundreds of miles of hiking in my happy place.

She just shared this deal and I bought it three times. Why?? Because we hike and things happen. (Usually to me – they call me “dark cloud” at work, y’all) Because we started hiking, my family has started hiking and my brother does it on his own sometimes. So, I hope he isn’t reading this, because he is getting one, too!

Also, my parents camp. My dad, husband and kids hunt. Anything that you do outdoors, away from a crowd, potentially puts you in a place where “dark cloud” things could happen. So, this small, inexpensive, stocking stuffer can help out if and when those things occur.

This is a 5-in-1 Fire Started kit that includes a compass, paracord and emergency whistle. This deal is for a TWO-PACK. Each of these little things you see above are stand alone. You get 2 of them!

Here are the 5 benefits of this little doo-dad.

Do you need a man gift? Do your or your family camp? Hunt? Hike? Fish? Do you have a scout in the family? This is an EXCELLENT gift or stocking stuffer for any of the above. AND, it’s just $9.79 for TWO of them….PLUS, clip a 20% coupon and mine were just $7.83 for each set of 2! There are 6 colors to choose from, but the best deal is the ones priced at $9.79 with the 20% coupon.


**IMPORTANT TIP!!! I was able to do this deal 3 times, but the coupon does not come off in multiples in your cart. So, buy one, and then start over HERE and get another. If you have PRIME, you will not pay shipping and they will be here by the weekend, so in plenty of time!

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