VSCO Girl Graphic Tees under $20 Shipped!

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Are you (or someone who lives in your home) a VSCO girl? Chances are, if you are a mama reading this blog, you don’t even know what I am talking about! (I had to google it….twice) So, let me enlighten you…

VSCO was an app used to edit photos for great selfies. Apparently, a while back, some You-Tuber or similar mentioned a VSCO girl as a sort of sideways insult….(think Valley Girl), it caught on and is becoming quite the trend.

A VSCO (pronounced vis-co) girl is stereo-typically a young white girl who posts lots of selfies. The classic VSCO girl’s traits include burkenstock sandals, puca shell necklaces, scrunchies and hydroflasks.

Soooo….now that you are on the up and  up of the VSCO girl, you may recognize that you live with someone who identifies with that trend! Here are some cute graphic tees that you can grab and be the COOL mom who knows what this is!


Each shirt is available in size Youth small to Adult XL. You choose from the 9 designs, then select your choice of the 9 color options, and “I oop!” (that’s what they say) you have customized the perfect tee for your VSCO girl!

These tees are $18.99 and shipping is FREE! They will ship by December 19th and therefore, SHOULD be here in plenty of time to be a great Christmas gift for your VSCO girl!


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