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Photo Credit: Mandeville Police Department

There has been such a huge wave of support for the Liberto family, Mandeville Police Department and all of Law Enforcement on the Northshore. But, what about the wives that are worrying 24/7? What about the stress levels of the officers still working those same streets where Captain Liberto spent his last minutes?

My dear friend, Sherri, owner of Culinary Kids, wanted to take the help and support a step further. She wanted to be proactive in helping the mental and emotional status of these officers and their significant others.

Northshore Mama readers have ALWAYS come together to help out whatever cause or need we presented. This being a savings blog, I know that many of you mamas want to help because it’s in your maternal instincts. But maybe it isn’t in your budget. So, for years, we have taken donations for various causes, from $1 or $2 to however high, put it all together and presented it to needy families for Thanksgiving dinners, local kids spending the holidays at St. Jude, local kids who would otherwise get nothing for Christmas, etc. So, I knew that I wanted to include more than 20,000 fabulous mamas who are always willing to contribute no matter how big or small!

So, we started thinking. We started networking. We started planning.

Here is what we came up with.

We want to give each officer and his/her significant other a date night and a massage. My girl Kerrie at Refine Chiro has offered to do one hour massages for half price, which is $37.50. So, you can sponsor an officer or wife for $37.50 and that pays for one massage. OR, you can send me $5 or $10 and when we hit $37.50, we will pay for one massage. So, you can sponsor in part or in full and still contribute to getting these officers as close to feeling back to normal as they can!

Here is what you need to do.

  1. If you want to sponsor 1 or more massages in full, Call Kerrie at (985) 951-2020 or
  2. Message her FB page here. Tell her you want to sponsor a Mandeville Officer’s Massage and she will take your payment directly. Please do let me know you have done so, just so we can keep up with the count. Or
  3. Send us a message if you want to contribute a few dollars toward the greater cause. We will figure out the best way for you!

Another thing you can do to help us with this movement is to buy a gift card to the movies or a restaurant. Drop that at Culinary Kids in Mandeville or, I can meet you in Covington. We will also use those to cover the date nights.

Together, we can help to heal our hurting community.


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