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This is a new deal for me, but I just did it and had to share! If you decide to try it, please understand THIS ENDS TODAY! Saturday, August, 10, 2019! DON’T MISS IT!!

Right now, Office Depot/Office Max Rewards members can get 100% Back on batteries! Here’s how it works:

You choose up to 4 packs of eligible batteries (Duracell and Energizer, not generic ones!) and buy them. You must be a Rewards Member to do this deal. You will then get ALLLLL the money (not tax, of course) back in rewards which you can turn around and use in the store!

So, here is what my plan is:

I bought 4 packs of batteries that we need. In a few days, I will get those rewards back. Once they post and are available, I will use them to buy ink for my printer, which I also need. So, while in couponing/sales/deal terminology, these batteries are “free”, in actuality, it will be my ink that turns out to be free! You could also think of it as using the same money twice!

If you are not already an OFFICE DEPOT or OFFICE MAX Rewards Member, CLICK HERE to become one. It’s free and you get free stuff, so why not?  Plus, IT IS REQUIRED TO GET THIS DEAL!

Now, CLICK HERE to choose your batteries. You can get up to 4 packs of the same or different ones. Make sure you rewards account in linked to your purchase at checkout! Remember to choose in store pick up! Mine were ready within 10 minutes!

Then, watch your account over the next few days to see your rewards post. Once they are available, go “use that money again!”

I will keep you posted on my progress! Let me know if you have any questions!

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