Swagtron Self Balancing Hoverboard Down to $89.99!

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Grab this AMAZING DEAL on this Swagtron Swagboard Duro T8 Self Balancing Hoverboard for just $89.99!!  This would be an AWESOME surprise for someone!! It will ship FREE!!

Here are the details…

Break the rules of hoverboarding and conquer the streets with the lithium-free SWAGTRON T8 self balancing scooter. With a 5.5 hour charge time, you can travel up to 5.8 miles, reach dizzying speeds of 7 mph, and discover what it means to be a hoverboarder.

Ride the portable T8 to the local park or your favorite riding spot for non-stop fun and thrills. Featuring dual sensors and an IPX4 waterproof design, you’ll have total maneuverability to safely cross any block and even zip through puddles.

The self balance scooter has passed rigorous UL2272 tests and comes with multi-layered SentryShield protection for safety and peace of mind no matter where you venture.

Make every street and sidewalk your playground. Show off your new swag with SWAGTRON’s T8 smart balance wheel hoverboard.

  • LITHIUM-FREE – The T8 has a lithium-free battery that charges in just 5.5 hours & delivers a 5.8-mile range per charge!
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED – As a UL2272 certified hover board, the T8 has passed electrical & safety tests for the sake of its riders
  • POWERFUL MOTOR – The 200W dual motorized wheels provide a surge of power capable of overcoming inclines of up to 30°
  • 100% GREEN – The T8 is a fully electric self-balancing hover board with zero emissions for environmentally-friendly rides
  • STURDY & DURABLE – Built with a strong steel casing & robust 26 lbs design, the T8 withstands rough rides & long-term use
  • No matter what skill level you are, the T8 will be the show-stopping black hoverboard built to fit your needs. The start-up balancing feature allows the T8 to auto-level and stabilize as it starts up, making it easier to ride for both beginners and advanced riders!
  • Durable Steel Casing: The two wheel self balancing scooter faces the bumps and obstacles of the road with unfailing swag. With its steel metal casing and IPX4 water resistant frame, it boasts heightened durability that supports up to 200 lbs and withstands long-term wear.
  • Powerful Climbing Ability: Overcome those pesky campus hills or never-ending sidewalk inclines with the hoverboard self balancing scooter. Its powerful 200W dual motorized wheels and 6” hard rubber tires easily climb inclines of up to 30°.
  • The Bold New Look: Step on the brand new and innovative T8 design rocking the hoverboard world. The T8 boasts a bold rectangular frame that stands out from any crowd and a unique geometric look that wows.

Get yours here!


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