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Back in March, I finally indulged and got myself a massage. I have major muscle knots in my neck and shoulders and a whole pile of them under my shoulder blade. This is from so much computer work and using the mouse.

So, I bought THIS DEAL to get a 50 minute massage at Refine Chiro on Hwy 59 in Mandeville for half price, just $37.50! I booked my appointment with Kerrie.

Hi, I’m Kari…..Hi, I’m Kerrie!

Kerrie asked me a few questions about what I needed and wanted out of my 50 minutes, how much pressure I wanted and if I had any problem areas. I more or less told her that my right shoulder was the devil and needed to be beaten into submission.

We decided to spend the entire 50 minutes from waist to neck. I was totally happy with that plan and for the next hour, she did what I beg my husband, sons, mom, brother, co-workers or a corner of a door frame to do: Try to loosen these tight spots that cause so much intense pain.

She work under my shoulder blades and found way more spots that were tight than I thought. She worked from my shoulders down my arms and all the way to my fingertips. (My hands have been aching a lot lately, so this was very nice) Then, she finished up with a relaxing and much less brutal massage of my neck and shoulders.

I am not gonna lie….it hurt, but it was a good hurt. These spots are so tight, you have to hurt them to break them up and get any relief. She asked me several times along the way if the pressure was ok and if I was ok. So, don’t be scared if you don’t like the more firm therapy. That is what I asked for and Kerrie delivered! I am sure she will do just what you ask as well.

I told her when I left that I was going to tell you all about this. I have posted this deal before, but now, I can give first hand experience. It may have been the best massage I have ever had. I will definitely be buying this deal again for my husband (and maybe another for myself)!

But NOW – you get a better deal than I did! You can save 25% on this deal and get this awesome massage for just $28.12! Use code GRILL at checkout to get this discount!

CLICK HERE to buy your deal! Teacher Appreciation, Graduates and Father’s Day!! I am so happy, because my husband bought me another one for Mother’s day! I’M ON THE WAY, KERRIE!!! A massage makes an awesome gift for anyone who may not have the thought to pamper themselves. HURRY – there are only 59 of these available at time of publishing!

Tell Kerrie, that Kari from Northshore Mama sent you! And be sure to tip her! Gratuity is not included in this deal.

Located on Hwy 59 in Mandeville, LA, Refine Chiro offers the highest quality chiropractic care available for patients of all ages. Dr. Tim Cunningham helps to restore function to the musculoskeletal system which allows other systems in the body to function at their optimum levels. They’re open Monday thru Friday. Call to schedule an appointment or a posture analysis, today!

Refine Chiro is located on Hwy 59 next to Bateau’s Seafood

  • 69282 Highway 59#4
    Mandeville, LA 70471
Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am-12pm, 3pm-6pm • Tues 3pm-6pm • Fri 9am-12pm
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