*HOT* Amazing Deal on Blackstone Griddle Bundle!

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Y’all! This deal! OH MY WORD!

So, my dad got a Blackstone griddle last year after seeing some camping friends using theirs. My parents loved theirs so much, they bought my hubby and my brother one for Christmas. So, I got them accessories to go with them.  Point being, it’s a GREAT gift, everyone loves it and makes for more great gifting because you can get covers and spatulas and stands and all types of toys to go with it!

We grill steaks, pork chops, vegetables and more. We make pancakes, burgers, sausage, bacon…..just pretend you are being interviewed by Guy Fieri and go to town!

So, the 22″ griddle that we all have is $139 on Amazon and only available at Walmart through a 3rd party – don’t do that.  But follow me here…

There is a cool stand that you can get to go with it, and it is $99.99 on both Amazon and Walmart. This will give you a more comfortable height to work with.

You will need this handy dandy grill hood to keep the lovebugs out of it. You can get it for just $59.99 on both Amazon and Walmart.

You will also want to get a bulk adapter hose to hook it up to a propane tank. That is just $12.00 HERE.

So, you can get all the essential parts for Dad for just $312.00! OR…….

You can buy this bundle with all the above for just $147.00!!! AND IT SHIPS FREE! In fact, you can pick it up at some locations TODAY!

This bundle was available for Black Friday and it sold out! So, when I tell you this is a FABULOUS deal for dads, I mean it!! Go in halfsies with the siblings or the kids, but DO NOT MISS THIS AMAZING DEAL! We love this griddle so much that we are buying this deal to get the accessories that we wanted! We already have the griddle!


22″ Table Top Griddle with Hood and Legs also included is the converter hose to go from a one pound tank to a 20 pound tank. Blackstone 22″ Table Top Griddle with Hood, Legs, and Bulk Adapter Hose

  • The 22″ griddle is quick and easy to clean up taking the hassle out of outdoor cooking.
  • 330 sq.in. of cold rolled cooking surface with duel ‘H’ burners that produce a total of 24,000 BTUs for fast and even cooking.
  • 22″ Griddle has a unique rear grease management system for easy clean–up while cooking.
  • With a hood and legs you can take your griddle anywhere with easy set up and take down.
  • Also including a bulk adapter hose so you can use a quick 1 lb tank or a 20  lb tank easily.



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