HOT! Pre-Order the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

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The WIMPY KID books are favorites of both my boys. They have read and are reading them over and over. These books are so popular that they have sold over 200 million copies!

I recently found out that a new one comes out November 5. The title and cover were JUST revealed YESTERDAY, May 14, 2019!

You can pre-order the hard back now for just $13.49. This is the standard price, so this is NOT a good deal!  HOWEVER, if (and dare I say: WHEN) the price drops before it ships in November, your purchase is automatically adjusted to the lower price!  

This actually happened last year with the previous book. I got a great deal on it, but the price dropped even further right before it shipped! I got an email that my price was automatically adjusted and I was charged the absolute lowest price! You do not get billed until it ships, so whatever the lowest price is between now and then YOU WILL GET THAT PRICE.

TIP!! Now, if you are like me, you might want to put a reminder in your phone now for around November 1 so you don’t order it again, or buy it when it comes in the store that week. Also to remind you that this charge will appear that week. 

CLICK HERE to pre-order and maybe even mark a super early Christmas gift off your list!

If you do the “something you want, something you need, something to wear……”, here is your “something to read” gift!

***Note, if you have a tween, middle-schooler, kid age 7 – 13-ish, and you have not purchased any of these books, you can get the 1st one for just $5.65 RIGHT HERE. The kids LOVE these and they read them cover to cover over and over. This is a perfect way to get them reading over the summer.


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