XF Battle Pass just $7! Grab this for Spring Break!

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I posted this deal many times suggesting it as an “experience gift” for Christmas. But, while I thought it was cool and my kids would like it, I had never actually been. I always like to come back and update after I have done something that I suggest to y’all.

Last weekend, my deals for XF Battle Park were about to expire. So, after a few attempts to use them and there being no availability or not fitting my schedule, we made it happen.

My husband, two sons and a friend used out deals that were in our stockings for Christmas and they HAD. A. BLAST!

If you have never been, this deal may sound confusing. So, let me break it down.

The one hour battle pass is good for just that. One hour of battle. The first 10 minutes, they played Dodge Ball. They all came out to switch gear for the next round and my poor hubby was panting and sweating. “Are you tired?”, I asked.

“YES! This old man is worn out!” he answered.

“That was 10 minutes….only 50 to go!” I teased!

The next 20 to 30 minutes they played with HUGE NERF Rival guns. They had buckets of ammo, and of course there were NERF balls all over the floor. They set up barricades before starting, which helped protect them when they were re-loading.

If they got hit, they had to kneel for 10 seconds….another level later, if they got hit they were out. This creates an actual end for this round.

The final round and remaining time was with archery. These arrows had what looked like a GIANT marshmallow, but it packs some velocity! Full face masks are worn for this round. Similar rules from the Rival round, but they add in “Boogie Bombs”. This is where you can throw a Dodge Ball and the opponent who gets hit has to dance for 10 seconds before getting back in the game. That was GREATNESS!

When the hour was over, they were all sweating, panting and giggling and asking to come back!

I am posting some videos on the Facebook post for this blog where you can see what was happening.

But, if this sounds like a fun way to get your kids sweating and not staring at a screen for an hour over Spring Break, CLICK HERE and grab your deal! ***Use code SALE3 to save 20% and get this deal for just $5.60! You can use this code 3 times. So, buy each deal individually, come back and CLICK HERE to start over and use it again!

Battle Hours are 4-7pm, beginning on each hour. There were other people in there with us, but they swap teams around each round, so by the end, they weren’t strangers anymore…they were team mates.


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