HOT DEAL! Get 21 New Year cards for under $5 shipped!

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I have a confession. I was NOT into Christmas this year. I blame it on a few things. First, my husband had to work both days. His work days are 16 hours including a long commute on either end. So, when he works, he may as well not even be home. Dinner, shower, bed. That is all. So, I knew all year that he would be gone for alllll of “Christmas”.

Also, we were going to Branson for New Year as he would be off THAT week. So, that trip was a big part of our “Christmas” and therefore, I didn’t buy many gifts. I didn’t decorate a lot, because I knew all of the above.

AND….I didn’t send out Christmas cards. CLUTCH THE PEARLS!!

I TRIED, y’all! I tried FOUR TIMES! We went on the Polar Express and I just didn’t get any good shots. We went to see THREE Christmas light displays. Nothing….I took my kids out one morning and tried, but one was squinting and one was sneezing.  I had THE REAL SANTA…..but my kids just don’t take good photos in a setting like that. So, 4 attempts and I gave up.

I considered sending out New Year cards, but decided against it. UNTIL TODAY! I found this killer deal on New Year cards and even found one with the exact sentiment that I wanted: Looking forward to more adventures in 2019!

So, here is a FAB deal to get 20 New Year cards FREE, plus buy one extra card and it all ships FREE! You will pay tax, but my total for 20 New Year Cards and a birthday card for the hubby was $4.99 after tax on all!

Here is how it works! *** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DEAL ENDS TODAY! JAN 4, 2019!

CLICK HERE and choose the TINY PRINTS tab at the top. Find the New Year cards (up to  $4.99 each!! Note that these Tiny Print offer codes applies to square trim, signature cardstock cards 5×7 flat, 5×5, 4×5, 5×7 folded, 3×5 folded, 5×7 trifold, 5×7 gatefold, foil-stamped (with a purchase of 20 foil-stamped cards), personalized foil (with a purchase of 20 personalized foil cards) or glitter cards (with a purchase of 20 glitter cards).

Create your card and save it as a project…twice…with 2 different names. You will need to add TWO separate packs of 10 cards to your cart for this to work. So, make your card, save it as NY19 and NY2019…something like that.

*** Be careful! My card had rounded edges and I didn’t realize that I was charged for that. So, I paid a little more than what you can get them for. Watch your checkout!

Add one card (NY19 for example) to your cart, and make the quantity 10. Apply code NEWYEAR.

Now, repeat that…Add the 2nd card (NY2019) and make the quantity 10. Add code NEWYEAR2019.

Each of those codes will make the 10 cards free.

NOW, go back to the Shutterfly tab and create a card. Choose a cheap one because this is the one you will pay for! I created a birthday card, but you could do pretty much anything!

Add this card to your cart and make sure you have just 1 of them. Apply code SHIPCARDS. This takes off the standard shipping for the entire order.

My total was $4.99 and that included a $1.84 card, $.19 for rounded edges (x 20, $3.80) and tax on the 2 packs of 10 and the single. Still $4.99 is a great deal, but it could have been closer to $2! (I am travelling with a tiny laptop and can’t read while riding very well….so you go get the better deal!)


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