Big Savings on Alpine Coasters in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg!

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We recently returned from my happy place….GATLINBURG!

My kids absolutely love the alpine coasters and we have ridden 4 of them, now!

Here are some brief thoughts (and savings) to help you decide which one you want to try!

****The coupon code mentioned is good for 3 different purchases. You cannot get the deal off 2 purchases at the same time. So, if you want 2 of the same deal, you need to buy them one at a time. Then come back to the link and do it again. THE CODE for extra savings EXPIRES MARCH 26, 2018.

GOATS ON THE ROOF – This is our current favorite. It is located on Wears Valley Road in Pigeon Forge. We have ridden this coaster at least 3 times. It is a good length of time and track. There is a lengthy lift that takes you to the top and the entire ride is several minutes long. It is smooth and has great views!

One time, we ended up riding AT NIGHT! Even MORE AWESOME!
Here’s a quick sample of the lift hill that I took in 2016!

Right now, you can save by buying THIS DEAL for two riders. Now, you may be able to use coupon SPRING to take an additional 20% off, but I can’t test it because I have exceeded my maximum purchase limit on this deal! LOL!

**This one expires 150 days after purchase, which puts us at late August!


ROWDY BEAR – this is one of the newest coasters to the area. It is located right on the strip in Gatlinburg. I bought a Groupon for this one in November and got a killer deal on it. But, I have to say I was disappointed. It was a smooth and fun ride, but the ride part after the lift hill was literally over in less than a minute and a half. It just seemed to be a very short ride for $15 per person. Now, you can get two rides for just a smidge over $15 with THIS DEAL and applying code SPRING and see if you agree or disagree.

You can watch my ride on Rowdy Bear HERE.

**This one expires 120 days after purchase, which puts us at late July!


We finally rode this one in February! The ride lasted 9 minutes for me! From the time I started moving out of the holding area, until I got out. More than 9 minutes, y’all! The lift hill was a peaceful and enjoyable 6 minutes or so. But, I felt like I was hiking without the effort! HA! It goes through the woods and I felt for a few minutes, like I was in the National Park. Then, had a fun 3+ minute ride back down. I gotta say this may be the best bang for your buck! **I have GoPro video of the ride, but I have to get it edited down. Will post later.

You can get two rides for just over $16 when you click HERE and use code SPRING.

**This one expires 120 days after purchase, which puts us at late August!

Have you ridden any of these? Which is your favorite??

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