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This post is sponsored by At Home Stores. All designs, photos and opinions are mine.

It’s easy to decorate and stick to a budget with a few simple ideas. This mantle cost less than $85 to create from start to finish.

I am not great at visualizing from nothing. I need an inspiration piece, or a jumping off point. I love my little glittered reindeer, so I knew I wanted to incorporate him into a rustic, but elegant mantle.

I found a few fabulous pieces at the #AtHomeStores that coordinated with him perfectly. Then, I added natural greenery from the backyard, some old books from my grandma and a mirror my mom had re-painted. All of these elements blend together to marry the old and the new, the rustic and a little sparkle.

I did also take a 45 minute Face Time call with my aunt who rocks at this stuff. She helped me pull it all together and make one cohesive design.

Here are some tips that I learned while doing this project:

  1. – Layering. I had my focal piece, the tree art hanging on the wall. My aunt suggested layering it over a mirror. It took a while to get my OCD to allow it be not symmetrical, but once it was in place, I loved the look and I didn’t have to put another hole in my wall.  It also brought the focal point down closer to all the other elements of the design.
  2.  Old Books. I knew that I needed different heights so that the whole thing worked naturally together and didn’t feel staged and posed. Old books work wonderfully to create height, add a little color…not too much, and bring an old feel to the design. You can find these books in thrift stores, Goodwill, yard sales….or like I did….on your Grandma’s bookshelf!
  3. Nature. Bringing in real greenery makes everything look, feel and even smell better. I clipped some pine branches from a tree in my mom’s yard. Then, I just tucked them here and there to fill dead space and give my reindeer somewhere to live. It started to smell like Christmas, too!
  4. Blending. My favorite things about this design were blending the old and new….my pieces, my grandma’s books and my mom’s mirror… well as the natural rustic with a little bling. I love in a house with all boys, so I have to force some bling from time to time. The glittered reindeer and trees sparkle against the wood and metal and books. I love the way they complement each other

All of these tips can help you create the look you are going for without spending a fortune! Check out the At Home Store in Slidell for your holiday decorations!


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