Get TWO LED Beanies for $12.99 shipped!! Awesome gift for the guys!

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Remember in Sneauxpocalypse of 2014 when it was like 18 degrees and we missed 4 days of school because of ice! Yeah, well, our pump froze and the hubby had to go outside and fix it in that frigid weather…at 2am……and because he had just had shoulder surgery and only had 1 functioning arm, I had to go with him and HOLD THE LIGHT!


Enter the LED Beanie!  No further explanation needed. This little baby would have afforded me the opportunity to stay inside, all the while keeping his head warm and providing him all the light that I did, but without the griping! ;)

Comes in 6 colors for just $12.99. Shipping is FREE! Y’all!! This is a TWO PACK! That means they are just $6.50 each! Shipped!

Would also work well for hunting and cleaning whatever they were hunting….bringing in firewood….going out to start your car in the morning…..what else can you think of?

CLICK HERE to save yourself from flashlight duty in the event that we have Sneauxpocalypse 2018!


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