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Last night, I had an opportunity to attend a “housewarming” of sorts for the new RaceTrac Made to Order stores. The term “Made to Order” is important in their remodeling because there is so much about the store that you can customize!

The heart of the store is the deli. It’s the biggest part, with super high ceilings, lots of natural light and clear panels. It is bright and airy and you truly feel like you are in a deli. Through the clear guards, you can see the artisan breads and all of the yummy new food items that have been painstakingly designed by Executive Chef Ashleigh.

She has been working on the menu items for over a year and let me tell you, this ain’t ya mama’s gas station food, y’all! It is freshly prepared to order, and totally at your discretion to customize whatever you want! Look at this sandwich, y’all!


There is a kiosk hub in the middle where you can order your drinks, sandwiches or pizza at the touch of a screen. You create your own, or order their creations as they come. Either way, it is MADE TO ORDER! Watch me use it to customize a pizza!

I was able to taste a meatball sub, which is made from freshly cooked meatballs, a fabulous marinara sauce and so. much. cheese! The bread was crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. Truly delicious. I also got to sample a bacon chicken ranch sandwich and you can watch Chef Ashley make that in my Facebook Live video HERE. It was really tasty, although, I would customize mine by leaving off the tomato. But that’s the beauty of it….you can make it your own!

Just off the main deli area is a hot case filled with ready made, grab and go sandwiches and burgers. The burgers are made with Angus beef and though we didn’t get to try those, the chef mentioned that some people grab those and head to the toppings bar and customize the pre-made sandwiches, too!

Near the burgers, was a case of sweet pastries. Not just any pastries….CINNABON! Y’all, the Chef sat down with Cinnabon people and they created Cinnabon by RaceTrac! She said, “Yeah, this is good, but I think it needs more icing.” And thus, there was more icing!

They also create what she called LTOs, which stands for Limited Time Offerings.

Two words. Pump. Kin. They have Pumpkin Spice donuts right now. It is clearly a seasonal LTO, but you know that Pumpkin Spice is EVERYWHERE….and it is many places it should NOT be. But, in a donut….that is a match made in RaceTrac Heaven!

The back left corner of the store is the beverage area where you can grab a slushie, Icee, slurpee….whatever you want to call them. There are several varieties to choose from and again, they are in clear machines where you can see what you are getting.

Just over from the slushies, back toward the donuts……CRAZY GOOD COFFEE! There are about 8 flavors and varieties of coffee at your fingertips at all times. A huge selection of creamers, flavor shots, sweeteners and more await your customization.

This area is a bit darker, with chocolate brown subway tile and retro filament lights. It’s very mellow there, just like you are in a coffee shop. And, they let us in on a little secret….next year, you just might be able to grind fresh beans directly into your coffee cup for even fresher flavor. I have a grinder on my coffee pot at home, and let me tell you there is a difference when you grind it right into the drip! So, I am excited to hear that this is on the horizon.

Finally, on the other side of the deli is Swirl World. RaceTrac is the FIRST conveniece store to offer Fro-Yo and it is delish! So many flavors available, and TONS of toppings await your concoctions! Choose a cup or cone, and just like any other fro-yo, you pay by the weight.

This section is high gloss white swirly tile with brightly colored signage. You totally feel like you are in a modern Fro-Yo shop.

Three sections, with 3 different vibes, just steps apart. But, that’s not all!

The new RaceTrac stores also offer patio seating outside! Grab your custom designed creations and have a seat for a few minutes instead of jumping back in the car.

They have truly revolutionized the convenience store. To be completely honest, I had not been inside one. Since I pay at the pump, I have never darkened the door. I can guarantee that this changes from here on out.  They also pride themselves on having super clean bathrooms, so RaceTrac just might become something we seek out when travelling!

One last note…on the way to the event, I was researching and my hubby says, “Oh I have a bunch of points from RaceTrac! Look at my app.”  So, I did and he has accumulated  over 500 points. Which converts into like eleven Chocolate Chip Cookies! Who knew?? Be sure you are getting the most out of your visits to these new stores with the RaceTrac Rewards App. 

There is so much going on in these new Made To Order stores! I checked out the two in Covington this afternoon to compate. While the layout is a little different than where I visited last night, the general idea and all the components are there. As it gets cooler, I am thinking I may find myself swinging by in the mornings for some of that Crazy Good coffee.


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