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Y’all know I love Groupon. I have been using Groupon for years to enable my family to do things that we otherwise may not be able to, or willing to pay full price for. In fact, that very concept is why I started this blog. To get more out of life for le$$.

But, did you know that Groupon also has coupons….like regular, go-to-the-store-and-save-money coupons! It’s Groupon Coupons!

For example, you know those mailer coupons that you get from Bed, Bath and Beyond all the time? Well, if you can’t find yours, or happen to need another, THEY ARE ON GROUPON! 

Last year, a friend of mine was trying to round those bad boys up because she had to buy A LOT of bar stools for her business. She could have easily gone to Groupon and found the digital version! Right now, I see $5 off a $15 purchase. Y’all, that’s 1/3 off! That’s 33% savings!

I also see the standard 20%.  This is where you have to be smarter than the coupon and decide which of those is better for your specific purchase.

There are coupons for to save 40% on last minute gifts. Time is running out, y’all!

There are 17 available Groupon Coupons for Shoes for Crews. Including clearance notifications. We love clearance!!

I also see coupons for Victoria’s Secret right now. I both Coupons AND sales info for Victoria. 40% off Collegiate collection opens you to the PINK page. I LOVE the PINK line of sports attire. It fits like a girl, and has plenty of bling! I have several Saints pieces from this line and LOVE them. But, since this is a sale on the collegiate collection, I checked out the LSU gear. I found this adorable sequin jersey marked down to just $26.95!

I also found a coupon code that would send me a $25 reward card if I spend $75. That’s 1/3 off whatever I buy….in the form of a credit toward my next purchase. Trust me, in the couponing world, that totally counts!

So, the next time you are shopping, online or in the store, and you don’t have a coupon or a code handy, be sure to checkout Groupon Coupons!


So, if you like to shop at Target, and have not gotten a REDCard yet, I URGE you to do so. You’re missing out on another layer of savings, Free Shipping and extended return periods! It’s totally FREE and can be a debit card. You don’t have to have a credit card at Target!  Click the box below to get yours and start saving more now!

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