Valentine’s Crayons- No Candy here!

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I decided to skip the candy at Valentine’s Day for my kiddo’s class. It’s a personal choice, but one that makes it tricky every year!! This year I decided to make heart shaped crayons. It doesn’t take too long and you still have a few days left if you want to try to do-it-yourself!

First, I had a TON of old crayons that a friend of mine gave to me (you know who you are, THANK YOU). I had my 5 year old sort all of them by color (remember I’m a teacher too, so I find anyway to get them to learn).

I soaked the separate colors in a small amount of water so I could remove the paper.  (Just a note- using a couple glittery crayons made for a wonderful outcome in the end!)

Then I cut the tops off of cans. BE CAREFUL, THEY WILL BE SHARP. I arranged three cans in my smallest Pampered Chef pot. (<——That link is to my own personal Pampered chef website).


I added crayons (that I snapped into pieces) of one color into each can.

I turned the burner on medium and watched the crayons. I stirred them with lollipop sticks ( I would not use a spoon, use something that you can throw away or a craft supply- it’s hard to remove thick dried wax).

Once all of the crayons were melted, I got some tongs and picked up one can at a time. I poured the melted wax into a soap mold. You could also use a candy mold. I happened to have a heart mold that my mother-in-law gave me and it worked really well.

Last step is to put the mold in the refrigerator. (You could probably skip this step, but I had to make another batch so I needed them to dry quickly.)

Pop the crayons out and enjoy! We will be putting them on cards that say “You color my world”!

You can make these for any holiday if you don’t think you have enough time for Valentine’s Day – Easter is coming up!


Disclosure: the Pampered Chef link above is my personal link as a consultant. You are more than welcome to use it! ;)

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