Big Changes at NSM this year! Meet Victoria!

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If you have been following this blog for a while, or from the beginning, then you know that my life is constant chaos. I went back to work part time almost 2 years ago and felt like I had built this up, nurtured it and then had to put it down.  I equated it to leaving my baby at a nasty daycare. I felt like I abandoned and neglected you. (sniff, sniff)

I try very hard to keep it going and keep the resources available for you. But, I am only one person, with a real job, two kids in school (who have common core homework), a husband who is gone 50% of the time, I live WAY out of town….I feel like I am constantly spinning and running and never have time to breathe.

So, ideas that come into my mind for this blog get pushed aside so that I can focus on dinner, homework, doctor’s appointments, work deadlines, etc., etc.

Last year, one of my most loyal followers/readers befriended me in real life! We quickly found that we have tons in common. We have only boys, we love to save money, we attended Tulane, and we even have the same birthday!!! WHAT?!?

Therefore, when she offered to help me out with NSM, I thought…..”I have found the closest thing out there to my clone!” <— just kidding of course! She was also featured in my first (and at this point only) Vlog, when we headed out on a rainy day to collect our birthday freebies! You can see that post HERE.

Her first task is going to be updating a calendar of events. This calendar will be full of events both for the blog (i.e. Coupon Classes, Mamas Nights, etc….) as well as events around the community that pertain to our audience. Mamas, Families, Kids and SAVINGS!!! If you have an event that you would like included on the calendar, you can send it directly to her at

Victoria is full of knowledge about all things natural. She is a Young Living rep and can tell us all about the benefits of these amazing oils. She is familiar with and connected to many local farms who sell organic products.  She is also what I call the real-life Pinterest! With twin toddlers, she has GREAT ideas on things to keep them busy! I think she is going to be a FABULOUS addition to the blog.

So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Victoria, who will be assisting me with this blog!

Victoria Head Shot

Photo Credit: Giving Tree Photography

Victoria Ikeda is a mostly stay-at-home mom to Jameson (4), and twins Harris and Cash (2). She has a Masters degree in Elementary Education from the University of Miami (GO CANES!!!) and a Reading Specialist degree. When she isn’t at home with her boys, which includes an 11 year-old husky named VanGogh, she is working privately with students to enhance their reading skills. Although she grew up outside of Philly, she has lived in the New Orleans area since attending Tulane. She and her husband took a brief hiatus to Northern Virginia post-Katrina. After 6 years, they realized that NOLA is where their hearts are and moved back in 2012, when Victoria was pregnant with the twins. She and her family enjoy being outside as much as possible to camp, bike, run and swim.

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