Looking for ideas for Girls’ Night? Date Night? Corporate Networking? Bachelorette? Kids’ Birthday?? Have you thought of Painting with a Twist? #spon

Niche PWAT

If you have read my blog very long, then you should be completely familiar with one of my FAVORITE spots for a few hours of fun: Painting with a Twist!  In the almost 4 years that I have been writing this blog, they have been a huge supporter in donating gift cards to my giveaways. So, when I noticed that many of the comments left on these posts and giveaways were “I have always wanted to try this, but never have made it there…”, I knew that I needed to get those people in the door! We came up with the Mamas’ Nights and we have had 3 of them in 2014. The first one sold out the first day and I was floored!  The 2nd sold out in 19 minutes….STUNNED!  The last one that we had in October sold out in 7 MINUTES!  I almost fell out of my chair!  So, to say that they are a hit, popular, or WILDY successful is an understatement.

PWAT Room 1 PWAT October Group

But, did you know that they are available, not to mention PERFECT for so much more than that!?!

It’s November! Many offices are going to be looking for places to have their Christmas parties.  HELLO! This is perfect! It saves you from those awkward conversations and gives you a fun couple of hours with your colleagues.  Mention this to your boss and actually enjoy your office party this year!  But hurry, because their calendar is filling fast!

What about after the holidays?  Does your company do TEAM BUILDING or NETWORKING? What a great ice breaker and a fun time to mingle with those who you depend on throughout the work week in a creative and relaxed atmosphere?

What about Bridal Showers or Bachelorette Parties? The whole “going out wearing a tiara and sash and getting wasted is soooo overdone! Why not have a night that has just as much fun, (just as much alcohol if you so desire) but that you actually remember?? Consider taking your girlfriends to Painting with a Twist and having a great time with a memento of the night when you are all done! **When hosting a bridal event with PWAT THE BRIDE PAINTS FREE if there are 12 other people attending the party!!

ALSO – and this is a question that I get asked multiple times….WEEKLY! Where can I have a birthday party that isn’t Chuck E Cheese??  Well, PWAT does kids’ parties and they have a HUGE gallery of paintings to choose from! They recommend these parties for ages 6 and up! But what’s the hardest part of planning a party? The reason that so many default to the Chuck E Cheese type venue?  ENTERTAINING THE KIDDOS FOR 2 Hours!

PWAT Cupcakes

Well, at Painting with a Twist, they have that covered, plus, they include Cupcakes! Here is what is included in Cupcakes and Canvas sessions:

2 Hour Party
11 children total (Birthday boy or girl paints Free!)
1 hour and 20 minute paint time; 40 minutes for cupcakes, gifts, and social time.

3 Hour party
11 children total (Birthday boy or girl paints FREE!)
2 hour paint time 1 hour for cupcakes, gifts, and social time.

All Party Packages Include:

  • Cupcakes
  • Party Group Photo
  • Customized Invitations
  • Customized Thank You cards

What more do you need? In fact, I am hosting a kids’ party in Mandeville next month! The kids are so excited!

My kids got to paint at a HUGE event at Disney World and they had a blast! In fact, my whole family did, and our school of fishies are proudly displayed in my office as a constant reminder of that day and how much fun we had!

PWAT Evan Disneyu Noah PWAT Disney








PWAT Niche Family

They also do Fundraisers, Field Trips, Kids Camps, and so much more! If you need to get a group together for something out of the norm, then you really should call Painting with a Twist and see what they can do to customize your need into a fun and relaxing event in one of their studios!  They can even bring the party to you!

Our closest studios are these 4 local studios:

PWAT Corp locations

Also located in Slidell, Gretna, Hammond and over 175 other cities across the country!

Find your closest studio HERE!

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47 Responses to Looking for ideas for Girls’ Night? Date Night? Corporate Networking? Bachelorette? Kids’ Birthday?? Have you thought of Painting with a Twist? #spon

  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love this idea. It would be great for family reunions too I believe. I wish we had something like this up here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paulina says:

    Dying to go to one of these. Need to find a local one near me.

  3. Brandy says:

    This looks like a fabulous way to have an event. I love it, I am so into things like this. Absolutely brilliant idea!

  4. john lopez says:

    Next year my son’s birthday, will put you on my list and contact you then.

  5. HilLesha says:

    I recently received an email that a Painting With a Twist opened up in my town. I’ll definitely have to check them out sometime!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    I think this is a great idea for some family get together.

  7. Painting with a Twist sounds like so much fun! I wish there was something like this near me.

  8. Risa says:

    I have heard of these places. I totally want to do one with my husband for a date night sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Rosey says:

    I love the fishies! I think you’re right, this would be great for a Christmas party idea!

  10. Johanna says:

    What a great idea for team building. I do a lot of them, always thinking about the next creative one. Unfortunately PWAT is not in Europe yet, but pls inform me as soon as they have a studio closer.

  11. I have never done this before, but I have friend that did. She posted great pictures from the event on Facebook, looked like fun.

  12. Lynndee says:

    That is awesome! My son’s 8th birthday was at Chuck E. Cheese’s and it was a blast. I like that idea too. For sure my son would like it too because he loves to draw.

  13. Stephanie says:

    we have a couple of places like this in Huntsville. It is so much fun going with a group of girls to relax and paint (I oil paint professionally) so to go to someplace else and hear some different instruction is refreshing.

  14. estherjulee says:

    this looks like a lot of fun! we haven’t been to one of these things in a while.. but it was one of my fave date night activities.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This is such a great idea. I would love to do this for a kids birthday party.

  16. Leon Bailey says:

    I go to a lot of networking events and it would be nice to have ice breakers like this. I’m not with the whole “stand up and talk about yourself” type stuff. LOL.

  17. We have one of these painting stores in our town. It seems very popular, I haven’t gone yet. You might have inspired me to try it! Thanks.

  18. Krystal says:

    I have to do this with my husband. I am SURE I’ll get some great laughs out of it.

  19. Kae James says:

    This looks like so much fun. I will have to see if they do this around my area.

  20. Liz Mays says:

    I think it’s one of the neatest ideas out there right now. I would totally do this!

  21. Nichole says:

    I have been wanting to do this so bad! It looks like so much fun!

  22. I always wanted to go to one of these paint things. They look like so much fun!!!

  23. Alyssa C says:

    I’ve never been to a painting party! I would love to attend one though!

  24. I love this idea and would do it any day as a date night activity. It’s good to try something different every now and then.

  25. Elizabeth O says:

    I’d love to participate in one. Hope someone invites.

  26. Myrabev says:

    This would be so cool if me and my work colleagues could do it we’ve been so busy this year this is definitely needed with a glass or two of wine on the side lol. Thanks for the idea

  27. I saw something similar to this for couples a few weeks ago and loved the idea! What a great idea for a party though. I would love to try it out!

  28. My husband and I have tried to go to a type of class like this, but the company kept canceling our classes. Now we live in Sweden and they don’t have anything like it!

  29. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    This sounds like so much fun. I’d love to have a painting party with some friends, such a great day out.

  30. Juliana RW says:

    My youngest son love to do painting. Sure, he will likes this.

  31. Erica Brooks says:

    I can’t paint to save my life but this looks like a fun idea. My daughter would love it too.

  32. Erica says:

    My co-workers and I have been wanting to get together and do this but just have not found the time. We all work nights so it’s kinda hard to find a night with all of us off to do so.

  33. Shasta says:

    What a unique idea for a night out. Would be great for baby showers as well.

  34. courtney says:

    I seriously wanna do this so bad one day!!!! I always see post about it and it looks so fun!!!

  35. Franc Ramon says:

    They have a lot of good facilities and activities for parties and team building. This is really a good site.

  36. kristin says:

    This is a great idea. ill be keeping this in mind for next birthday party.

  37. maria says:

    I have been going since they were Corks & Canvas and always had a blast! I can’t believe how much they have grown. Love their Cupcakes & Canvas idea!

  38. michele d says:

    I want to try this out with my husband. I think there is one in Orlando.

  39. Eileen says:

    I love painting parties! Me and my girlfriends have done it a few times and we’ve always really enjoyed it!

  40. Lisa says:

    This sounds like a great time! I love the idea of a night of fun and painting. Even if we all suck, we can at least laugh at each other.

  41. Dawn says:

    I went to something like this at a restaurant with my husband. It was a blast!

  42. Vicki W says:

    How much fun would that be??? It sucks the closest location to us is 3 hours away :( If it weren’t for that, this would be the perfect party theme for my tween daughter!

  43. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    When I first saw the name of your blog, I thought you were on the Northshore in MA, but I guess not LOL. We have a northshore here, too, and I was excited reading about this when I thought it was close to me :)

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