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Last night, I had a RARE occurrence! I went out sans hubby and kids, and mingled with about 40 ladies. A few that I already knew, and many that I only know by their FB/Twitter/Instagram names and profiles. It’s amazing how much you know about people that you have never met these days.

You may know that I write a “savings tip” for New Orleans Moms Blog  once a month. However, I have never met any of these ladies in person. Until last night, that is.  So, I felt that I “NEEDED” to go and meet these gals because I kind of “work with them” anyway.  While I had heard great things about these events, I really wasn’t sure what to expect because I don’t get out much. HA!  Remember, I live WAY out of town, so while I have always wanted to attend these functions, with kids and homework and my job and this blog and housework and all the other duties that consume us, sometimes it’s just easier to NOT.

But, since they booked this event on the Northshore, I decided that I was in! Plus, the ticket was EXTREMELY affordable! So, I grabbed a friend – just in case I didn’t know ANYONE, ya know – and easily talked her into going, too! We both bought our tickets as soon as they were available.

So, what did we do? We sampled great food from local restaurant K-Gees, we had a FABULOUS cake; we were offered expert bra fittings at Bra Genie; sampled a locally designed cosmetics line; met with the owners of a new business in Mandeville called Wax’d, who specializes in waxing, tans and massage; we met new friends and we networked and we mingled. We had a grand old time for a couple of hours of fun…just us moms.

Now, here is a twist that I thought was really cool. My friend who I asked to join me was none other than Jessica Royal of Royal Creations. I suggested that it may be a good networking opportunity for her and she agreed. The next day or so, she posted a picture on her business Facebook page of some promotional bags that she had made.  THE NEXT day, New Orleans Moms Blog posted pics of our swag bags for the event on their Instagram. Guess what?! They were Jessica’s bags that she had created for the event!

Jess bags    20140404-140253.jpg

So, as I introduced Jessica to the ladies that I “knew”, I was able to say “…she actually made these bags!” Fabulous networking opportunity, indeed!

So, I told the girls at NOMB that I was going to share today, so that many of you will know what to expect at these parties and may decide to join us next time!

Here is a shot of our Fabulous swag bags. Think of them as Goody bags for mommy! Coupons and samples and all kinds of goodness!


Here are links to some of the local sponsors from last night. Check them out!

New Orleans Moms Blog

Bra Genie



Kismet Cosmetics

Blue Runner foods

French Market Coffee

Covington Brewhouse

Red Stick Spice Company

and so many more! Fabulous swag, to say the least! Thanks, NOMB for a fabulous event! Can’t wait until next time!


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