Are you earning FREE GIFT CARDS?? One of you will win a $50 Gift Card from Swagbucks this month! New users – get a bonus!!

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If you’re not already a member of Swagbucks, this is the day to join!
If you have been following my page for a while, you know that I pretty much pay for my kids’ Christmas with the Amazon gift cards that I earn through Swagbucks. It’s November, so you may not have time to pay for ALL of your gifts, but one of you will win a $50 gift card to the merchant of your choice!!!

SWAGBUCKSDid you know that Amazon starts matching Black Friday prices as soon as the stores open! You can get Amazon gift cards, which, as I mentioned, I use to pay for Christmas! A $5 card is 450 Swagbucks and is the best bang for your Swagbuck in my opinion! But, if you aren’t into Amazon, you can get gift cards to CVS, Bass Pro, Cabellas, JCPenney and many other retailers! These cards are $5 for 500 or a penny per Swagbuck ratio for the most part. Still not convinced? You can get cash through PayPal! So, there really is NO reason to not do this unless you have more money than you need, and in that case…..why are you reading this blog, again????

In the frenzy of my recent Disney trip, let me also mention that you can get gift cards to Landry’s Restaurant group which can be used at Rainforest Cafe’ or T-Rex and I believe Yak and Yeti, too! You could also get Target gift cards which you could use to buy Disney gift cards!!

If you have not joined this amazing program, Just click here to sign up ! You get 30 bucks for finishing your profile on the site, but if you use my very own special code NORTHSHORE70 before November 30, 2013, you will get 70 bonus bucks! That will put you at 100 Swagbucks before you make your first search! It only takes 450 to earn your first $5 Amazon gift card, so you are almost 25% of the way there when you sign up!! ***This is a BONUS code that must be entered upon Sign Up! So, be sure to look for the link that says “I have a Sign Up Code” under the CONFIRM PASSWORD field (see pic below) ***If for some reason, you do not have this field (prob due to the mobile device you are using; i.e. iPhone 4), you can email their Help desk and ask them to give you credit for this particular code.** swag sign up arrow


**********WIN A $50 GIFT CARDS THIS MONTH******

PS!!!!  Swagbucks has AGAIN so graciously, offered one of my readers a $50 Gift Card! All you have to do is be one of my referrals (past or present), and earn at least 100 Swagbucks during the month of November!

So, if you signed up under me in 2008 when I first started using Swagbucks, or you sign up right now while reading this, you are eligible! Just use the program to earn points by Shop,
Search, Watch, Play, Answer or Discover and when you have earned 50SBs within the month of August, you are automatically entered into this giveaway! $50 in Amazon credit can equal a free Christmas gift or two!  Just click here to sign up!!! DO IT!

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